Juan C. Olmedo


Location: Santa Ana


Mr. Olmedo is a seasoned business consultant. His expertise in the construction industry has helped develop start-up businesses into multi-million dollar companies. With an extent experience working in the construction industry, Mr. Olmedo obtained his General Contractor License in 2007. Mr. Olmedo is the founder of multiple companies which includes IT Networx Solutions, Inc., Liv Communications, Inc., Rosca Capital Group, LLC.

Mr. Olmedo earned a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from California State Fullerton.

Today, Mr. Olmedo guides people who are interested in starting their own contracting businesses from the start. He guides them through the process of applying for the state issued contractors license, preparing for the state exams, and setting up a properly structured corporation for this industry. Mr. Olmedo is also small business owner with interests in Technology Companies, Trade Businesses, and E-Commerce. As a consultant, Mr. Olmedo’s passion is to use his good and bad experiences in business to develop businesses and create jobs.